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Cleaning, protecting and preserving
the life of your metal roof.

The Roof Cleaner services Cedar Shake Roofs

Metal roofs are designed to last 30 plus years. Some manufactures may offer a life time warranty. Mold, algae, dirt and pollen can alter the look of the metal roof. This infestation and dirt restricts the ability of the roof to shed water. Moisture speeds the growth of mold and algae. The growth thrives on this 

moisture and encourages the formation of rust. Oxidization can give you a  dull finish and can deteriorate the paint over a period of time. Our Soft-Wash System provides a deep cleaning removing the growth and the stains. We also apply a sealer with a mildew retardant to slow any future growth along with a brightener to brighten the paint finish after cleaning.

metal roof cleaning by The Roof Cleaner
We DO NOT use high pressure. We use a Soft-Wash System.

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