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While your roof is one thing you might not think about cleaning, but Insurance Companies are now saying you should. Here is how roof cleaning can effect your insurance policy possible causing an expensive cancellation, so don't waste your money.

Insurance Companies are now canceling insurance policy because of roofs they consider to be too dirty. Reason dirty roofs can damage your shingles. Insurance Companies do not want to pay for a new roof. New roofs cost between $5000.00 and $10,000.00 plus. An Asphalt roof cleaning cost 1/10th of replacement cost.

Remember standing on a steep roof is a serious safety risk and blasting your roof with a pressure washer or hose can seriously damage your shingles. Be careful and don't waste your money. The Roof Cleaning is your professional roof cleaner!

We DO NOT use high pressure. We use a Soft-Wash System.

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